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Flank Speed - Rare - 39/40


Soryu(Green/Blue Dragon in Japanese) was the lead ship of its class. It was Japan's first purpose-built carrier. Soryu was present with the carrier task force that devastated Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Afterwards, it saw active service during the Wake Island conquest and the battles in the Dutch East Indies.

The Soryu met its end along with it's half sister Hiryu at the Battle of Midway, where four of Japan's large fleet carriers engaged a much smaller American carrier force. The loss of these carriers and most importantly many skilled airmen, tilted the war in favor of the United States afterwards.


Soryu is a flat-out rockstar in the carrier world of W@S. At 20 points, she's affordable and while her fighting stats make her a poor choice to capture objectives (unlike Saratoga or Graf Zeppelin, which are 2 parts carrier/ 1 part battlecruiser) her carrier qualities are second to none.

Expert dogfighter 2 is a really force multiplier when it comes to IJN vs USN air action. That extra die or two takes the Zekes into new realms of American aircraft slaying, and makes vitalling a Hellcat an achievable feat.

Expert torpedoes is a must have against the larger USN cruisers and battleships and can kick the teeth out of an Iowa or Alaska pretty quickly.

On top of all of the this, Surprise Raid can help nerf that nasty USN AA when making a run against a carrier or battleship. While lacking Expert dive bomber, if you're planning on taking two carriers, Soryu and Shokaku make an excellent tag team, and if you can throw some Zekes, Jills, and Judys on each, you'll have your American opponent wondering where his supposed lead in air units went.

With the release of Set V, Kaga is a natural partner for Soryu in larger games (particularly if you're planning on taking swarms of torpedo bombers). Both carriers have the expert torpedoes SA, and both have SAs that activate on a natural iniative roll higher than 10. If you ever roll 10 or higher with both in your fleet, you're set for a turn of nerfed enemy AA and floods of torpedoes.

20 points with Expert Torpedoes, Expert Dogfighter 2, and Surprise Raid…

The one thing that hasn't been mentioned about Soryu is its very weak vital armor. AA7 and Expert Dogfighter 2 means that it can defend itself pretty well, but if US dive bombers start making it through, and you could easily lose a good chunk of your air power in one attack. Soryu's still a great carrier, but it really needs a partner; Kaga is ideal.

Crissie's Critiques
The Soryu is one of the best cheap, capacity-3 carriers in the game. She offers decent aa, armour just under the standards for a fleet carrier, and some nice abilities. Expert Dogfighter 2 is often the edge you need for your fighters to be able to kill off the tough american planes, and Expert Torpedoes never hurt. But the most interesting ability is the Surprise Raid, This allows you to, about 1 in 5 times thin the wall of lead put up by a USS Atlanta or even a battleship you wish to attack. which really opens up the possibilities for the Japanese planes. But don't expect her to provide gun support like an Akagi or a Kaga, because unlike those cruiser hybrids, Soryu is 100% carrier. CC Rating: A

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