Soviet Union (AAM)

Historical Background:


Strategy - When playing Soviets take a mainly tank army supported by Snipers/Mortars. They have many tanks capable of neutralizing every axis threat. the T-34 is great in either version (76 or 85) and the KV series of tanks is incredible. Most of the Soviets armor either has Heavy Armor (useful in numbers) or superior armor. However if playing soviets in an infantry battle then you are at a disadvantage. Their sniper and mortar are good but they lack good basic infantry. Probably the best Soviet tactic is a T-34 swarm.

The Soviets have two major weaknesses: their really good tanks all fall into a fairly narrow point band which limits their options, and the fact that they've only got 2 units with AA, which makes them decidedly more vulnerable to enemy aircraft than the British or Americans.


Vehicles - Tank Commanders:

Vehicles - Tanks:

Light tanks

Medium tank

Heavy tank

Vehicles - Tank Destroyers:

Vehicles - Assault Guns:

Vehicles - Artillery:

Vehicles - Armoured Cars:

Vehicles - Half-Tracks:

Vehicles - Trucks:

Soldier - Commanders:

Soldier - Artillery:

Soldier - Cavalry:

Soldier - Heroes:

Soldier - Snipers:

Soldier - Observers:

Soldier - Partisans:


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