Spitfire F Mk IX Raider

Unit Card:

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures card

Axis & Allies Miniatures card


Poland, Aircraft , 1944

ATT inf 8/6/-
ATT veh 4/3/-
Cost 15 points
Def 4/4
Speed A

Aircraft are placed during the flight phase and attack during the airstrike phase. Units attacking Aircraft use their anti-Soldier attacks and get –1 on each attack die.

This unit ignores the -1 penalty on each attack die when attacking Aircraft. If an enemy Aircraft is placed in a hex adjacent to this unit, this unit may make a defensive-fire attack against it.

Steady Firing
This unit rolls two extra attack dice when attacking a Soldier.

Set - Number

Bandits High - 30/31

Historical Background:


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Plastic Figure Notes:

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