War at Sea 2 Player Starter
A redesigned and updated 2 Player Starter is ready to launch for the War at Sea naval miniatures game. Each 2 Player Starter will contain 8 pre painted, authentically detailed miniatures, an updated and expanded rule book, 2 full size battle maps and dice. Each ship and aircraft included in this set are unique to this set, and carry new statistics and paint schemes not available in other War at Sea sets. The expanded War at Sea rule book will include new rules for night fighting, weather effects and long distance battles that will interest any existing War at Sea player.

The War at Sea: 2 Player Starter will quickly teach 2 players how to build and operate fleets which they can use to recreate the legendary naval battles of WWII.

War at Sea details:

8 prepainted, historically accurate and authentically detailed WWII naval miniatures.
Updated & expanded rule book offers exciting new content to existing players.
Allied models included: American TBF Avenger, destroyer USS Taylor, light cruiser USS Montpilier and the Australian destroyer HMAS Nizam.
Axis models included:Japanese "Betty" Torpedo Bomber, submarineI-29,destroyer Terutsuki and heavy cruiser Haguro.
The units included, their paint schemes & stat cards are exclusive to this set.
Accuracy and detail of miniatures attracts collectors and WWII enthusiasts.
Prepainted, durable plastic—assembled and ready to play, right out of the box.

Release Date: March 16, 2010


  1. Au HMAS Nizam Destroyer
  2. US USS Taylor Destroyer
  3. US TBF-1 Avenger Aircraft
  4. US USS Montpelier Cruiser
  5. Ja G4M1 "Betty" Aircraft
  6. Ja Terutsuki Destroyer
  7. Ja Haguro Cruiser
  8. Ja I-25 Submarine
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