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Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 3/40


The name ship of her four-ship class, Suffren was also the only one to escape the mass scuttling of the French fleet at Toulon. The Suffren class, like most interwar heavy cruisers, was designed to the maximum size dictated by the naval limitation treaties. With a limited displacement of 10,000 tons, the French concentrated on speed and striking power, leaving her armor relatively thin. When the French surrendered to Germany in 1940, Suffren was a member of the Allied squadron operating out of Alexandria, Egypt. Under the guns of the British Mediterranean fleet, Suffren's crew agreed to internment and the ship herself was disarmed until, in 1943, she was manned by a crew of Free French and brought back into war on the Allied side.


Suffren is in almost all particulars is the equal of Gloire but exceeds that ship's Main Gunnery stats at all ranges. With the same cost, Suffren is clearly the better choice. Suffren, however, lacks any outstanding feature to make it particularly worthwhile. Many cruisers from other nations have interesting SA's that offset the vulnerabilities of all cruisers, and while Excellent Spotting is nice, it's hardly a game-breaker. Suffren is, however, a nice option if you expect an enemy destroyer swarm, or would just like to grab an uncontested objective.

A solid Heavy Cruiser that should always be played before Gloire. Boostable mains, secondaries, low score and torpedoes better than most destroyers means she can multitask very well for her cost. Like most cruisers she is not match for a Battleship, so make sure you only use her as she was intended.

The Suffren is a decent cruiser but certainly not outstanding. However if you combine a few Suffrens with a swarm of Milans they work well. The Milans can jump out front and provide a smoke screen. Once close enough to enemy units the Milans can fire first thereby triggering the Excellent Spotting SA for the Suffrens to get an extra die on gunnery attacks. This makes the main guns a match for heavy cruisers and may give lower armor BB's something to worry about. The torps can certainly damage a BB. Secondary's are capable against low armor targets such as MTB's or other DD's. All in all well worth the points.

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