Sunderland Mk. I

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Uncommon - 14/40


The primary British flying boat of World War II, the Short Sunderland was a big, tough, heavily armed airplane that mounted up to 18 defensive machine guns, earning the nickname "the Flying Porcupine." On one occasion a Sunderland tangled with six German Ju 88's, shooting down one and driving the rest off; on another occasion, a Sunderland fought off an attack of eight Ju 88's, shooting down three of them with the loss of only one man (although the Sunderland was badly shot up and was wrecked on landing). With its excellent endurance, over-water capability, and radar, the Sunderland played a key role in the Battle of the Atlantic. It carried a wide variety of ordnance, including anti-submarine bombs, bombs, and depth charges.
(R.B's CZ Opening Salvo pt 3)


The Sunderland is very expensive at 10 points, but it has a very dangerous ASW value (for a plane) and a formidable Bomb attack. Defensive Armament only improves its Armor rating, not its Vital Armor, so you should exercise some care about exposing it to strong AA attacks or capable fighter aircraft. The most intriguing new combination offered by the Sunderland is the tactic of aerial mining. As the first airplane with a Mine capability, the Sunderland can easily reach sectors the enemy will want to move through and mine them before they get there—something that surface ship minelayers have a hard time doing.
(From R.B's CZ Opening Salvo pt 3)

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
This unit has many functions and will be busy hunting subs, bombing ships smaller than battleship size and if time permits, drop an aerial mine to make an enemy think twice about moving into or through a sector. No matter what your opponent brings, you will have a use for the Sunderland, making it well worth the 10 point price tag. 9/10

Something the above reviews forget to mention is the SA Loiter, which means that the Sunderland can be deployed every turn, an ability which is even more important in long-range scenarios.

Plastic Figure Notes:


One of the best quality aircraft minis in the game, great paintwork as well.

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