Surface Action Set 6

All hands to your battle stations for the sixth expansion of the War at Sea Naval Miniatures Game! War at Sea VI contains 40 pre-painted, highly detailed miniatures that war gamers and World War II enthusiasts can use to conduct WWII naval battles. Battleships, carriers, submarines, and aircraft will help you bring the battle to your opponent. With this set, players can add to their existing navies and go head-to-head in naval warfare that rages across massive 30" x 40" battle maps.


1 Can HMCS Algonquin Destroyer C
2 UK Swordfish Mk. I Aircraft C
3 Fr Strasbourg Battleship R
4 Po ORP Dragon Cruiser U
5 UK HMS Halcyon Auxiliary C
6 UK HMS Nelson Battleship R
7 UK HMS Sheffield Cruiser U
8 UK Vospers MTB Torpedo Boat C
9 UK HMS Eagle Carrier R
10 UK HMS Hawkins Cruiser R
11 US F4U-1D Corsair Aircraft C
12 US LST Auxiliary C
13 US SS American Victory Auxiliary U
14 US USS Edsall Destroyer C
15 US USS Guadalcanal Carrier U
16 US USS Hornet Carrier R
17 US USS Montana Battleship R
18 US USS New Jersey Battleship R
19 US USS Phoenix Cruiser U
20 US USS Wasp Carrier R
21 SU Lend-Lease Hurricane Mk. II Aircraft C
22 Ge Fw 190A Aircraft C
23 Ge Konigsberg Cruiser U
24 Ge M1 (Minesweeper) Auxiliary C
25 Ge Moltke Battleship R
26 Ge Rheinubung Bismarck Battleship R
27 Ja B5N2 Type 97 Attack Bomber Aircraft C
28 Ge U-2511 Submarine C
29 It Andrea Doria Battleship R
30 It Camicia Nere Destroyer C
31 It Giovanni Delle Bande Nere Cruiser U
32 Ja Daihatsu Landing Craft Auxiliary C
33 Ja Elite A6M2 Zero Aircraft C
34 Ja Hatsukaze Destroyer C
35 Ja Mogami Cruiser R
36 Ja Naka Cruiser U
37 Ja Ryujo Carrier R
38 Ja Sho-Go Yamato Battleship R
39 Ja Taiho Carrier R
40 N Heavy Shore Battery Installation R

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