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Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Rare - 40/40




A fun little ship, but a really hard one to take with the peerless Haguro in the IJN fleet. The Suzuya is as stout as any Japanese cruiser when it comes to main guns and almost as good as the Haguro when it comes to defensive stats (one less vital). Where the real difference exists, is in torpedo attacks. If you want maximum long lance torpedoes into a sector… stack an Aoba with a neighboring Suzuya. If rule lawyering at the top stays consistent, the Aoba's bonus should apply to both the "primary" and "bonus" torpedo attacks of the Suzuya (allowing a possible 7 torpedo dice at a sector with two ships and a close escort). However, if you don't want to deal with the micromanagement needed to stack the various bonuses (or don't want the extra exposure to air attacks that Aoba forces on a fleet)… just save a point and get the Haguro instead.

Against a SZ with two units, it technically has a roll of three torpedo dice at ranges 0 and 1 and two at ranges 2 and 3 (one on each, obviously), and the Raider SA gives it better main and secondary gunnery against destroyers and auxiliary units than Haguro. Haguro is still, of course, the superior choice under almost almost any circumstances, but this is a very solid unit.

with Raider as a special abillity this thing lives to kill destroyers. if you need to protect your submarines this is a very worthy piece of your fleet but this does not compare to the haguro which is slightly better overall.

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