Swordfish Mk I

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action- Common- 2/40


The Swordfish- or "Stringbag" as it was affectionately nicknamed- entered service in 1936 and was already outdated when war came in 1939. Despite its obsolete design, it gave excellent service early in the war. The Swordfish was so slow and low-flying that the German battleship Bismarck's modern antiaircraft batteries had difficult time engaging the squadrons that attacked her.

-Taken from flavor text from card.


Same armor/vital armor as the venerable Set I Swordfish, but with a little more survivability in trade for weaponry. At 9 points, to many it seems still a little too expensive. Deceptive target (due to Bismarck's AA system unable to target correctly the slow aircraft) is a good ability, but isn't gonna usually get you through to hit a battleship.

Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation
A breath of fresh air from the old Swordfish. The new Swordfish boast reduced cost (1 point), picks up an extra die against battleships rather than immobilizing them for a turn, and now are slightly less vulnerable from the shipborne SA. Instead of the old 3 torps/3ASW, this earlier model has only 2/2. When faced with merely shipborne AA, the new SA makes the end result slightly better than a 4/7 plane, although they are still vulnerable from the air, and most BB builds will bring a fighter or two per BB zone to handle any air units. This still isn’t a great unit for powergaming purposes. There is simply nothing that can compensate for a VA 6, not a cheaper cost, nor an evasive SA. Powergaming Grade: D

Getting through and actually attacking is still very unlikely, as an armor of 3, even with a -1 on each die roll, is quite easy to reach, but 6 VA should hold up alright against the AA of most Axis ships with a -1 on each roll. So it is somewhat durable in the face of ship AA. That said, it's still extremely vulnerable to enemy fighters, and with a cost of 9, it's still far too expensive to actually bring. The Barracuda is a much better choice for an attack craft…

Plastic Figure Notes:

A reprint of the Swordfish


Reprint of the Set 1 Swordie, but gains a brighter paint scheme and some British roundels. This is a great sculpt and looks really good if well painted.

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