T 27

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 24/40



When looking at the T 27, compare it to the S-boat. For open water, take the T 27, it is better than the S-boat in gunnery, AA, ASW, torpedo attacks, and damage absorption. It also can lay smoke and has an excellent alpha-strike. If you take the T 27, it works very well as a screen for a larger battleship, like Tirpitz. If you lose initiative, you must fire all of you weapons first. Position your T 27s between your battleline and the enemy battleline. After all other units have fired, have your T 27s pop smoke instead of attacking… the smoke provides that same LOS protection as an island would to your battleline. Or you can try to get those T 27s into close range, to use their deadly torpedo attacks.

This is the only KM smoke maker, and with its RM allies, if you need to make smoke, you have to choose between the Ascari for 6 points and the T27 for 7. While the Ascari is easy to play, as it offers little in the way of attack, while the T27 can be a formidable weapon, launching 3 torps at range 1 (opening salvo ability). Re-rolling the main gun is a nice touch, as 3 dice will miss more than they hit. The armor is low enough that any decent attack will penetrate the vital armor, its SA's tho make it a great ship. I find that i am always drafting this unit into RM builds for the extra torpedo threat the RM lacks. Given the lack of choices the KM has for DD's, this is a great one. note that its ASW rating is no better or worse than other KM DD's.

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