T1 Landing Ship

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 40/40


The No. 1 class landing ship was born of high losses of Japanese destroyers when they were employed in the troop-transporter role. When the new class of vessels were employed, it was found that their formidable armaments had multiple applications, especially against enemy submarines. The No. 1 landing crafts saw heavy action in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, suffering heavy losses as the Japanese lacked the air power to reliably protect them. 5 of the class made it through the war and were given as war prizes to the Allies by the end of the conflict.


The T1 is an interesting piece that can actually work its way into a build. She is only 5 points, and therefore less expensive than all IJN destroyers. Unlike the Type 13 subchaser, she has enough speed to stay with the fighting. Her armor is pathetic, guns, not so great. Ergo, she is not a true threat. However, her innocent nature may mean she is overlooked when primary light force fighting commences. If she is attacked, then she takes a hit that would have otherwise been directed at a much more expensive IJN destroyer, if not, she may get lucky and damage an opposing DD. As mentioned earlier she is not a very powerful unit, so do not expect much other than an occasional lucky hit. She may even survive her battle and then score you 5 victory points. As far as filler units go she is above average. Fortunately, the T1's were later used as Kaiten carries, so we may yet see a reprint with a bit more bite while retaining the low point cost, until then use her in your destroyer attacks as filler, or hold her back and hope that AA4 can abort something attacking your CV.

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