T4 (Panzerkampfwagen IV in Romanian service.)

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Eastern Front - Rare - 59/60


At the beginning of WW2 Romania possessed four Tank battalions (2 of R35's and 2 of R-2s). During 1941 these tanks were comparable to early Soviet armour. But in 1942 the numbers of T-34's were increasing and it was found that the R-2's main gun could not penetrate the sloping armour. The Germans were quick to supply more modern tanks to support the current R-2 tanks already at the front. These tanks were the PzIII N (close support 75mm) T-3 and The PzIV F-2 (long barreled 75mm) T-4's. 11 each of these vehicles were delivered to the front just North of Stalingrad to the Romanian armoured division. These were organised as a heavy company to each tank battalion. Also 1 example of each was sent to Romania for training purposes. The PzIV arrived just in time to help slow the Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad, but were totally overwhemled with numbers, some of these tanks (maybe 2-3) were still found on the front in Jan-Feb 1943 until withdrawn from the front and sent back to Romania to rebuild the Romania Mare Division. During mid 43 up until August 44 Romania received over 100 T-4's in the German tanks for oil program. These tanks gave service for the rest of the war even against the Germans and Hungarians.
The T-4 is the best tank that Romania had during the war and is a welcome addition to any 42+ build. It has enough firepower to take on all armour. The downside is with only armour 5 in the front you cannot go toe to toe with soviet heavy armour. Find cover and shoot at extended ranges.

Plastic Figure Notes:

This model is supposed to depict the later war H's and J's variants with sideskirts. Wizards have gotten lazy on this as only the turret has the sideskirts and not the main vehicle itself. The bland paint job does not help either, although correct they never stayed long in the pure Desert yellow for long as along with the German tanks the crews painted there own camo patterns on them. If you are so inclined i would paint them in Green and Brown blotches to make them look better.

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