Task Force

The First War at Sea Expansion Set
Add firepower to your fleets with the first expansion set for Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures!
Task Force plows through the waves with several famous vessels & aircraft plus Canadian and Dutch units.

Task Force vessels include:

Unique ships—such as the aircraft carriers USS Yorktown and German Graf Zeppelin—feature their distinctive markings.
Debut of Canadian unit — HMCS Haida DD
Debut of Dutch unit — De Ruyter CA


  1. Au HMAS Arunta Destroyer C
  2. Ca HMCS Haida Destroyer C
  3. Fr Casabianca Submarine C
  4. Fr Dunkerque Battleship R
  5. Fr Jean Bart Battleship R
  6. Hr. Ms. De Ruyter Cruiser U
  7. Hr. Ms. Van Galen Destroyer C
  8. Hr. Ms. Zvaardvisch Submarine C
  9. UK Barracuda Mk. II Aircraft C
  10. UK Halifax GR Mk. V Aircraft U
  11. UK HMS Fencer Carrier U
  12. UK HMS Illustrious Carrier R
  13. UK HMS Jamaica Cruiser U
  14. UK HMS Kent Cruiser R
  15. UK HMS King George V Battleship R
  16. UK HMS Warspite Battleship R
  17. UK Beaufighter Aircraft U
  18. US B-25H Mitchell Aircraft U
  19. US F6F-3 Hellcat Aircraft C
  20. US TBF Avenger Aircraft C
  21. US USS Archerfish Submarine C
  22. US USS California Battleship R
  23. US USS Cleveland Cruiser U
  24. US USS Hoel Destroyer C
  25. US USS John C. Butler Destroyer C
  26. US USS Laffey Destroyer C
  27. US USS Massachusetts Battleship R
  28. US USS Missouri Battleship R
  29. US USS San Francisco Cruiser R
  30. US USS Yorktown Carrier R
  31. US USS Saratoga Carrier R
  32. Ge Admiral Hipper Cruiser R
  33. Ge Admiral Scheer Cruiser R
  34. Ge Bf 109 Aircraft C
  35. Ge Graf Zeppelin Carrier R
  36. Ge Karlsruhe Cruiser U
  37. Ge S-Boat Torpedo Boat C
  38. Ge Tirpitz Battleship R
  39. Ge U-66 Submarine C
  40. Ge Z18 Hans Ludemann Destroyer C
  41. It C.202 Folgore Aircraft C
  42. It Eugenio di Savoia Cruiser U
  43. It Giulio Cesare Battleship R
  44. It Ju-87 R2 Picchiatelli Aircraft C
  45. It Littorio Battleship R
  46. It SM.79 Sparviero Aircraft U
  47. It Ugolino Vivaldi Destroyer C
  48. It Zara Cruiser R
  49. Ja A6M2 Zero Kamikaze Aircraft C
  50. Ja Akitsuki Destroyer C
  51. Ja D4YI "Judy" Aircraft C
  52. Ja H8KI Type 2 "Emily" Aircraft U
  53. Ja Haruna Battleship R
  54. Ja I-26 Submarine C
  55. Ja Isokaze Destroyer C
  56. Ja Musashi Battleship R
  57. Ja Nachi Cruiser R
  58. Ja Yahagi Cruiser U
  59. Ja Yamashiro Battleship R
  60. Ja Zuikaku Carrier R
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