TBF-1 Avenger

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Set - Rarity - Number

Starter - Common - 3/8


The Grumman TBF-1 Avenger was the first production run version of the Avenger torpedo bomber. It were units of this type that fought in the Battle of Midway, not faring much better than the TBD Devastator considering the many factors involved with the attack. However, the Avenger did prove its durability, as a few Avengers returned to Midway badly shot up but still functioning. As the war progressed, Avengers were rearmed with bombs as the US would need to correct the many problems with the torpedoes at that early stage in the war.


This piece serves as an intermediary between the TBD Devastator and the TBF Avenger in terms of cost and capability. (Yes, the "TBF Avenger" and "TBF-1 Avenger" are different units with different stats.)

In the general universe of torpedo planes, it is a reasonable unit. Compared to the TBF Avenger, however, it gives up 0.5 VA, 1 torpedo, 1 ASW, and Battleship Killer (and one die of Alternate Payload to boot), while only being 3 points cheaper. This reviewer feels it's almost never worth it. Pay the additional points to get the TBF Avenger. The most important use for torpedo planes is battleship hunting, and the second most important is ASW air cover, and the TBF is much better at both.

This unit has two main uses:
1) for historical scenarios in which one wants to represent "early war" US torpedo plane squadrons that were not yet up to full effectiveness in terms of training and ordinance.
2) in cases where you are playing USA and wish to be kind to an opponent who is upset with "US Air Cheese," but still want some airplanes. It's a vastly better choice than the TBD Devastator.

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