TBF Avenger

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 20/60


A superior replacement for the flawed TBD Devastator, the Avenger was faster, tougher, and could strike harder than the Devastator.

Equipped with a stronger engine, a large internal bomb bay, and improved defensive guns, the Avenger was an excellent torpedo and level bomber.

The Avenger saw service in the Pacific and the Atlantic theaters of war. Lend-leased varients saw service aboard British carriers, as Avengers could be obtained quicker than Swordfish Mk. IIs.

At war's end, the surplus Avengers found new roles in civilian life, as fire-bombers and research aircraft.

It is interesting to note that the pilots of Flight 19, who became lost and disappeared in the area of the "Bermuda Triangle",were flying Avengers during that tragic and infamous training mission.


This is the hardest hitting US Navy carrier torpedo plane. At 14 points it is a bit pricey, but has pretty much everything going for it. Armor is quite solid, meaning this bird will more than likely make it home. It is lethal towards submarines and is one of the heaviest armed torpedo dice rolls. Toss in +1 to attack battleships and Avenger is the lethal killer to just about any unit.

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