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Task Force - Rare - 38/60


Tirpitz is the lesser known sister ship to the legendary Bismarck. Tirpitz was still conducting sea trials and could not join Bismarck for the operation in May 1941. As it turns out, Tirpitz would not have the fame as its sister, and would spend much of the war in a sheltered Norwegian fjord. The only action the Tirpitz would see is her escorting destroyers sinking a lone British destroyer that lost sight of its convoy. The reason for this is as follows:

After the loss of his greatest battleship, Hitler declared that no more capital ships would venture out into the Atlantic.

The mere presence of Tirpitz however, was enough to alarm the Allied convoys that ferried supplies to Russia so greatly that in 1943 every allied ship and aircraft available was readied for attacking the immobile battleship. To the Germans the Tirpitz was the "Lonely Queen of the North", however to Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, it was "the Beast", and it had to be destroyed.

It would be no easy task as history tells, for it took at least 20 raids by the RAF and Royal Navy to finally sink Germany's sole remaining battleship at that time.

The reasons Tirpitz took so long to be sunk is because of the German defenders. All around the fjord, anti-air guns filled the hills, while smokescreen generators were ready to hide the Tirpitz in the event of attack. In addition, the Luftwaffe had a base set up nearby so that fighters could be scrambled as well.

At first, the attacks were fouled by bad weather, enemy fighters, AA, and Tirpitz's smokescreen. However, as the number of attacks mounted, the defenders found themselves hard pressed to defend the large Battleship.

During this time, the British attempted a risky raid using midget submarines called "X-craft" to sneak under the torpedo nets surrounding Tirpitz, submerge under the German ship, and jettison their side compartments, which were filled with explosives. Right from the start, the mission was hampered by a three x-craft suffering mechanical trouble, leaving just three to navigate the underwater defenses around the German battleship. Despite the danger, two of the x-craft launched their charges, getting out only seconds before the explosions, which seriously damaged Tirpitz.

Unknown to the British, by this point in the war, the Germans no longer considered their sole-surviving battleship to be seaworthy only repairing it to serve as a floating artillery piece for the planned invasion of Norway.

Finally, on November 12, 1944, Lancastors of the Royal Air Force, using the brand new five-ton "tallboy"
bomb, smashed the Tirpitz, causing it to capsize in its watery grave.


Though some question whether Tirpitz, historically, was so improved over its sister-ship Bismarck that it deserves, in the game, an extra main gun dice at long range, a maximum range of five over Bismarck's four, and an extra anti-air die, there is no question that for a few paltry points more, Tirpitz is the better pick. With Tirpitz, the addition of Graf Zeppelin and a few fighters can make a German fleet nearly impenetrable to enemy aircraft, and a lucky range five hit can ruin any enemy battleship's day. Only Tirpitz's 8 Armor rating should give a player any pause, but since Germany has no more armored option (as of set now) Tirpitz is a great choice.

Tirpitz is one of the best battleships for the money in all of WAS. With good mains, characteristically excellent German secondaries and tertiaries, a ridiculous 9 AA score, and ER 5, Tirpitz is loaded out offensively and can take on just about anything the French or British can throw its way. Like Swarbs said, the 8 armor is slightly worrisome, but Tirpitz's cost and firepower offset those concerns. Incomparably better than her sister Bismarck for two more points and can be played in nearly any Kreigsmarine build.

An armor of 8 isn't all that unusual for ships of this general price range, and many of them, including every U.S. ship, have a VA of 14. Her gunnery is on the lower end for a battleship of over 50 points, but still, she should be able to hold her own against most opponents of her same weight class.

Add in her flag value of 2, 9 AA dice, ER5, and very capable secondary and tertiary gunnery, and you wind up with one of the best battleships in the game.

Crissie's Critiques
Tirpitz is simply an improvement from it's sister ship, the Bismarck. For only two more points, she picks up +1 to range three main gunnery, and let's be honest, this is the range you will use most, especially with the extra range compared to bismarck. She also gets an extra flag. In summary, great guns, an amazing aa value, standard large battleship armour, and the great ability of extended range five all come together to form one of the best battleships in the game and for only 55 points, the Tirpitz is a must have for any larger, and many small Kriegsmarine fleets. CC Rating: A+

Plastic Figure Notes:

A reprint of the Bismarck figure, Tirpitz shares the same turret issue.241s4sm.jpg
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