Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 61/64



If you are playing the Japanese and have an aircraft carrier, this is THE quintessential escort. Despite being a little higher in price, she has decent firepower and lethal Long Lance torpedoes to keep any potential surface threat at bay. Keeping her alongside the carrier will add some anti-aircraft value to the carrier as well. But the big addition Tone brings is her Scout Cruiser SA. It adds dice to any bomb or gunnery attack against a single target. So if you need an escort for your Japanese carrier, get a Tone.

The problem for the Japs is that their aircraft simply don't match up to the U.S. aircraft. Yes, most are cheaper, but unless you're playing a fairly large game, this is unlikely to have any real impact… With Tone and Chikuma, you can substantially increase the killing power of your attack craft…

Now, Chikuma is cheaper and increases torpedoes, whereas Tone increases bombs and gunnery (including main, secondary and tertiary, and the gunnery values of your fighters). Which one you choose depends on the situation, and what you prefer to use… In an air build, I rely on torpedo bombers more than I do on dive bombers, so if I intend to take one, I go for Chikuma. If doing an LLT build, I also go for Chikuma. If I'm planning on using a fleet centered around the strength of my battleships, I go for Tone.

Again, it's situational, and also has to do with your personal preference,

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