Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Infamy - N/A- 54/72



The Trieste is well worth the +1 point you spend on her over her sister, the Trento. They are almost carbon copies of each other, even sharing the SA, High Speed Run, but Trieste has 2 other SAs, over the Trento's 1 other. Cruiser leader is invaluable, giving you a extra boost to your initiative, which is incredibly vital. She also gets Harassing Fire 4, which allows her to take a potshot at range.
She is a fun unit to play, but play her wisely, and with some restraint. HF4 only hits on a 6, so don't go thinking you can engage US or German at range 4, because they will probably hit you, while you will most likely barely scratch their paint. Like most
Italian ships, she is vulnerable from the air, so don't dash ahead with her, unless you can give her escort, or some air cover, because she is a very tempting target from the air, 15 yummy, valuable, and vulnerable points of Heavy Cruiser. As usual with the Italians, she strikes best at something outside of her level, in this case those pesky Destroyers. Use her with well, and she'll give you good results. Defiantly a cost-effective unit.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Use the lead ship of the class, Trento

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