Type 1 Ho-Ni

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set II - Rare - 40/45

Historical Background:

The Type 1 (related to the year, 1942), Ho-Ni (SPG) of the first type, was basically a turretless Type 97 chassis with detailed modifications on the hull, and a Type 90 gun mounted on the former turret ring, with the opening partially left open to pick up ammunitions stored just below. The gun was protected by a three-panels casemate, which left the crew unprotected from the rear, like the early German Panzerjäger-I. But this was compensated by the thickness of it (50 mm armored plates), added to an additional set of 16 mm bolted plates on the hull. This vehicle was stripped of any machine-gun to make room for ammo storage. It could carry 54 rounds, much probably of HE-type only. The main gun, inside its new mounting, was allowed a 10 degrees of traverse and -5 to +25 degrees of elevation. Maximal range in indirect fire was about 12 000 m.

- Source: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com


Low defense, no AI ability at all, and Open Back mean that this is horrifically vulnerable to infantry and aircraft. The AV value is equal to a Sherman, but as low as its defense is it can't really afford to trade shots. You can use it because some Anti-Vehicle ability is better than no Anti-Vehicle ability, but it's hard to argue that this is a good vehicle.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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