Type 13 Subchaser

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Common - 63/64



Expert analysis says that the Type-13 Subhunter… hunts subs. But so does the Isokaze, which is a good all-around destroyer. Even at a cheap 4 points, the Type-13’s 3 ASW rating is not good enough against the Barb/Archerfish’s 3 armor.

One very worthwhile use of the Subchaser is to boost your initiative roll if you have a Yahagi in play… for only 12 points more than the Yahagi… a relatively cheap way to get that +3 (only recommended for larger point games, at 100 points it probably isn't worth it).

These might come in handy in numbers against strong sub fleets, or wasting your opponents attacks. You can have 3 of these for the price of most Japanese destroyers and they can capture objectives freeing your better units up to engage the enemy.

Herky wants to compare them to the Archerfish and Barb, but those are 15 and 12 points, respectively. That means that you get three of these to one of those. That changes things significantly… Even if they find themselves unable to destroy the sub(s), they can harass them, weakening their attacks. You don't really have to destroy subs so much as make sure that they don't cause any serious harm… Although three units with three dice should serve as a credible sub-killing force…

And Lobukia brings up a good point: in a larger game, these could serve as very cheap destroyers to activate Flotilla Leader. I know that I don't use many destroyers, as I can normally find better uses for the points, but for 12 points, I might be able to set that aside for that boost to initiative.

Don't reject them so quickly… There can be some hidden value even in a four point unit.
Good use is in OOB rules/format where taking a couple can save you enough points to fit in both 6hull BB's or whatever you want to include on your force.

These are of very little use for sub hunting because they are limited to speed one. By the time they even get to the center of the map, the game will probably already be decided. They are good for cheap init pumping as mentioned above, but that's all they're good for.

They can also work in convoy scenarios, where speed 1 isn't an issue, just don't expect to sink many subs (harrassment is the word of the day). I had fun with these once in a shrimpboat royal rumble with Sackvilles, Antilopes, Halcyons and M1s.

Plastic Figure Notes:

teeny tiny piece, i like it.

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