U 2511

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Holy! A 23 point submarine. That’s an awful lot to pay for a single sub. What does it get out of it? This submarine suffers no penalties against ASW threats and can move out away from enemy destroyers. At 5 armor, it will be extremely difficult to hit. The real question is whether you’ll get more torpedoes out of the U2511 or out of 2 other submarines. As a proponent of “suppression” attacks against submarines, this unit completely negates that approach. On the other hand, it is difficult to put together enough of these subs in your fleet to generate the same critical mass seen in other torpedo heavy fleets. If you figure 3 subs to a battleship and recognize that this sub will be unsinkable in most games except by the most dedicated ASW build, then you’ve essentially paid 69 points to counter his battleship by bringing 3 of these, not exactly a recipe for cost effectiveness. If you try to swarm with them, you’ll have committed so many points to subs that you won’t have much left over for a surface fleet, which you’ll still need to shield from the opponent’s attacks. This is a nice unit, but probably best sprinkled into a fleet where you don’t necessarily want to commit resources to removing the opponent’s ASW units. Powergaming Grade: B

Massive armor of 5 and no penalty to torpedoes makes this a nice sub that you can deploy far ahead of your other units. It is virtually immune to airborne ASW (the only real threat being a boosted Avenger, which you probably won't see too often), and so probably won't require any defending from enemy aircraft… And you're unlikely to lose it at all; I've played a few games with it, and I've never had it hit.

The only problem is the 23-point cost. It's tough to justify putting 23 points into one submarine in a 100 point build. In a larger build, 23 points isn't such a huge deal, and as this is not going to require too much protection, you may consider taking one or two. Still, you could take a U-66 and a U-510 for the same price, where you'll have two subs both with higher gross torpedo values, so… It's hard to say whether or not this is worth such a large investment.

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