U 47

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 27/40




Well, I never thought it would come to this, but I'm about ready to tell you why one of the most requested and anticipated KM units probably isn't worth taking. If you consider yourself a master strategist or a Kriegsmarine expert, then you probably aren't reading a wiki about W@S units and you probably understand the proper and delicate use of an infiltrator sub. For the rest of us, infiltrators are just an invitation to screw up and give away points. So unless your opponent is a moron or a destroyer hating torpedo bomber despising USN player (AKA: moron) DON"T TAKE U-47!

Here's why

A) infiltrator is great, if you want to get close to Allied ships. Bad news, allied destroyers will be able to move three spaces to get to you and will eat your sub for lunch
B) Don't worry about it, German subs have two hull, so they can take a little damage… oh yeah, U-47, doesn't have two hull… sorry dude :(
C) So what?! German subs have that awesome wolfpack ability that give them extra die… shoot, U-47 doesn't have wolfpack… bummer
D) Come on Lobukia, what about the Battleship sinking SA? Well if you opponent is stupid enough to let a 1 hull battleship-killing sub into range 2, it really doesn't matter what you take… you'll win anyway
E) Until you've reached Obi-wan level in W@S, bench the U-47 and use more practical subs like U-66 instead.

Doesn't really make sense to take this unit… U-552 has an armor of 4, and is a point cheaper, AND has wolf pack. U-510 is cheaper and has wolf pack, and U-66 is just awesome.

Infiltrator could set you up for a first turn shot against an enemy battleship… But if you're opponent actually allows that, then as Lobukia said, you're probably going to win anyway.

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