U 510

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Common - 41/64



The U-510 is an excellent sub, but like so many of the original units, it is eclipsed by newer units. In this case, if you've got the extra point and especially if you are facing sub hunters (read also: any/every RN destroyer) go get U-66.

That said, if you don't own a U-66 or can't squeeze out the point, U-510 is still an excellent sub. Make sure to pair it with another wolfpack unit and you'll do well against any unit that you can get into range 2 with. I highly recommend dedicating one Bf 109 to sub defense to optimize your survivability. Also consider an Ambra to act as an anti-destroyer partner and as a cheap U-510 escort.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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