U 552

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Common - 23/39



Another 4/5 armor/vital submarine like the U 47, this unit is a hit or miss. It's 4 armor means that it'll be somewhat difficult to crack, but once it happens, it's gone due to its single hull point. Bring them in with U 66s and U 510s for some wolfpack fun. However, keep them away or well supported when going up against those British DDs, especially the HMS Saumarez

U-552 is essentially the wolfpack-friendly version of the U-47, bringing that nifty 4 armor to your sub swarm. Unfortunately, it only has hull 1, loses a torpedo at range 1, and costs an extra point compared to a U-66. Against a British opponent and their ruthlessly efficient ASW, you are just asking to lose this unit. However, if you are playing against a French fleet, with Milans that will have little trouble running down and getting on top of any U-Boat you bring, that 4 armor against their weak 4 ASW can be a great asset.

One point less than U-47 with the Wolfpack SA. Unlike U-66 and 510, which, with just 3 armor, are somewhat vulnerable to aerial ASW, this has little to fear when it comes to attacks from enemy aircraft (TBF Avenger would be about the only thing that could hit this, unless your opponent brings USS St. Lo). Still, with just one hull point, it's a bit risky to bring this unit.. If you're going to bring it, you should probably make sure to eliminate some of your opponent's more powerful ASW units with aircraft, or something along those lines.

Plastic Figure Notes:

It's a sub piece, so don't expect much. However, it's two colored compared to the other being of one dark grey shade.

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