U 66

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 39/60



Perhaps the best sub in the game, U-66 is essentially a repeat of her sister-ship U 510, which appeared in Set I. Like the 510, U-66 has a solid torpedo armament, which can be boosted both by the outstanding Wolfpack SA and Kondor's Pinpointer. In addition, U-66, by virtue of Elusive Quarry, is proof against the Sub Hunter SA which makes so many allied units effective. To get the full benefit of Elusive Quarry try to win initiative by bringing a high Flag rated vessel, or using Karlsruhe for the Flotilla Leader initiative bonus.

To put it in one word, U-66 is fantastic. A rather average cost of 12 buys you what is in my opinion the best sub in the game. The armor and torps are very standard; good enough but nothing special, but where U-66 shines is her SAs. Wolfpack is a devastating ability; getting just one extra torp roll is huge. That one die could be the difference between a missed attack and crippiling a battleship or carrier. Used in tandem with a Pinpointing Kondor, U-66 can dish out four rolls from two out. Very few, if any, ships in WAS besides U-510 can match that. But the best SA here is Elusive Quarry. I believe that every British and Commonwealth destroyer made so far has Sub Hunter, and getting to deny them that free one-space "jump" onto you can really thwart their efforts to kill your sub. Between those two aforementioned abilities and the cost, no wonder why U-66 is the best.

Two movement (might be a mistake, but still says it has a movement of 2), 3/3/2 torpedoes, Wolfpack, and Elusive Quarry, all for 12 points. Pretty darn good.

Plastic Figure Notes:

As far as subs go, it's pretty good. The best I've seen.
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