Ugolino Vivaldi

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 47/60



The Vivaldi is one of those units that you use only if you don't have other options (its not bad, other destroyers are just better). In real ability and utility the Luca Tarigo is a superior destroyer for the same cost. While Vivaldi has respectable gunnery and ASW, the lack of subhunter or any other useful SA makes this unit sub par. Pegaso might also be a route to take, but she'll have trouble in any destroyer vs destroyer actions (which is where Vivaldi and Tarigo actually do quite well).

A niche unit to be sure, the Vivaldi has the advantage of have the rare ability, like a mine, of dealing damage in the movement phase. Raming a sub might mean that a z.506 might actually sink it with just a 2 ASW score ! Pairing this unit with the Euginio Sav means it can reach the center row on turn 2. Pairing it with a Schlswig-Holstien means an attack with the opening move of the game. Better on ASW than the Luca T, the real comparison is with the 8 cost destroyers of the KM that you could have taken. I'd say get a UgV, and keep it as a surprise option in select builds.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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