United States in Axis and Allies miniatures

Historial Background:


Most people use sherman swarms(which are weaker than GMC Swarms) supported by a few pershings of GMC 36s in higher tiers and M1s, machine guns, mortars, artillery, and aircraft. There infantry is weak on paper but benifits alot from synergy. Their AA is above average if used correctly. Rangers supported by a commander, machine guns, rifles, and the GMC 12 are used effectively against medium tanks and infantry alike if they rush tanks all at once.(bringing a royal engineer helps)

Units represented in Axis and Allies Miniature:


Vehicles - Boats:

Vehicles - Amphibious:

Vehicles - Tank Commanders:

Vehicles - Tanks:

Light tanks:

Medium tanks:


M4 "Sherman"

Heavy Tank:

Vehicles - Tank Destroyers:

Vehicles - Artillery:

Vehicles - Armoured Cars:

Vehicles - Half-Tracks:

Vehicles - Trucks:

Vehicles - MISC. :

Vehicles - Spotters:

Soldier - Commanders:

Soldier - Paratrooper Commanders:

Soldier - Artillery:

Soldier - Heroes:

Soldier - Snipers:

Soldier - Paratroopers:

Soldier - Spotters:


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