Universal Carrier

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Contested Skies - Uncommon - 17/45
Counter Offensive - Uncommon - 10/50

Historical Background:

The Universal Carrier was ubiquitous in all the theatres of war during the Second World War with British and Commonwealth armies;from the war in the East to the occupation of Iceland. Although the theory and policy was that the carrier was a "fire power transport" and the crew would dismount to fight, practice differed.


The Commonwealth tracked Jeep! Game wise, Mainly use it like a half-track. It can also harass armoured cars and some early war units. In pure UK builds, it's main use is as a transport.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Rescaled UK Universal Carrier from the Counter Offensive set (top/bottom)
compared to the original from the Contested Skies set.

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