USS Allen M Sumner

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Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Common - 17/40



After the success of the Fletcher class destroyers, the Navy reevaluated the design and thought one of the best ways to increase firepower was to give the Fletcher hull design a twin mount 5"/38cal DP mount. This led to a redesign of the ship to include three dual turrets (two fore and one aft) to give the 2,200 ton ship never before seen AA and surface gunnery capability on a USN destroyer. To make this new class even more lethal, they were designed to have radar and several of the ships were lost acting as radar pickets and sunk by bombing or kamikaze attack (for a good example, see USS Laffey as another AMS).

italic textUSS Allen M. Sumner was named for a US Marine captain killed in action in WWII. After working up in the Atlantic around Bermuda, Sumner deployed to the Pacific and served with great distinction off the Philippines. She gave plenty of cover to the beaches and ships off Leyte as well as escorting the big battleships to their fire support positions off the big island of Luzon. Unfortunately, constant air attack damaged the ship enough to where she would have to return to the United States for repairs. She was given training duty after repairs and was relieved too late to participate in Okinawa or the final attacks on the home islands. She was only a few days out of Pearl Harbor when it was announced the Japanese had capitulated.


Being one of the largest classes of US Destroyers (Fletcher and the follow on Gearing classes were larger in terms of units built), that gives you as the player a large number to work with. She is a fine piece to play having solid gunnery, good torpedoes for a US destroyer on top of being a "smoker" and having a special ability to go after subs. All that for 8 points…the only downside is if you are playing with year restrictions, the class first came into service in 1944.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
US version of HMS Javelin better AA and Raider (What did this thing Raid?) For a point less. 7.5/10

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
ASW of a HMS Saumarez! Looks like the best US destroyer but alas, the year is 1944. The Smoke Screen / Sub Hunter combination is the best you will find in a destroyer- aside from perhaps Close Escort. This should make an appearance in every late war US build.

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