USS Atlanta

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 21/64


USS Atlanta, lead ship of an 11-ship class of US Navy light cruisers, was active in many of the Pacific war's most memorable actions. With a main armament of destroyer-caliber five-inch guns, Atlanta's weaponry was optimized for the role of air-defense. Atlanta served in this capacity with distinction, screening the American carriers in the battles of Midway, the Eastern Solomons, and Santa Cruz. The attrition of the campaigns in the South Pacific forced the Atlanta and her sister Juneau into the pick-up squad of cruisers defending Henderson Field and the marines on Guadalcanal. The American squadron was thrown into battle against a pair of Japanese battleships on Friday, the 13th of November 1942. Atlanta, leading cruiser in the US line took concentrated gunnery and a hit from a Long Lance torpedo which cut much of the ship's power. Drifting, Atlanta entered the line of fire of [[USS San Francisco]]], receiving even more punishment. Out of the fight, the crew attempted to save their ship, but by the next afternoon, it became apparent that this too was a loosing battle. After abandoning the ship, the crew detonated a scuttling charge that hastened Atlanta's descent into Iron Botom Sound.


THE essential US escort to a carrier. A US Carrier build is not complete without the AA power of an Atlanta. Surface action though you might want to leave this at home, unless you are under air threat.

If you are taking a carrier, you need an Atlanta. This cruiser puts a wall of lead into the sky, and when you add in the carrier's high AA and maybe a defending Wildcat, you can stop any air attack in your sector. Sometimes the threat of Atlanta alone is enough to keep your carrier safe.

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