USS Boise

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 24/64


The Boise was a Brooklyn class light cruiser. It was armed with five 6" triple-barreled guns. Boise spent much of the war as a shore support vessel, shelling Japanese positions on islands meant for capture.

She continued her supporting fire role until she received the honor of carrying General MacArthur on a tour of the Philippines. In the post-war years, Boise was decommissioned and sold to Argentina.

Now known as Nueve de Julio, (July 9th) she spent many years in the Argentinian Navy until being sold for scrap in 1978.


A solid US early war light cruiser. The main drawback is her lack of torpedoes where the guns will not destroy anything larger than a cruiser. However, Rapid Fire works well for a one time shot in the game.

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