USS Cleveland

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Uncommon - 23/60



This is probably pound for pound one of the best units in the game period. Yes, she doesn't have torpedoes, what US cruiser does (aside from early war ones)? Her special abilities are indeed unmatched. She has Extended Range, Radar Fire Control and Improved Radar to add attack die and be able to defy squalls and fog for concealment.

Cleveland is a fine little ship that is cheap and tough enough to find a place in larger standard style games, but really comes into her own in some of the variant styles of play. Her radar ability makes her very effective in night games, while her five armor is tough for even cruisers to crack at night. She's also a fine deal, again because of her high armor, when playing small point games or in Neural Dream's Deathmatch variant.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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