Uss Edsall

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number


13 of the Edsall-class were very active in the opening months of the pacific war. Many were also given though the Lend-lease program to the UK


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation
The main value here is the early-war DD for the US. The 6 point cost is cheap, but you get a weak main gun, a weak AA, a weak ASW, and low VA. Smoke Screen is among the most useful SAs, and sometimes you just want a ship that can set up smoke for the cheapest point cost possible, regardless of vulnerability. Unlike the John C Roberts at Slow-1, the Edsall will move with the rest of your fleet and thus more consistently make it forward to deploy smoke. I still prefer Fletcher class myself, and the Sumner. Sometimes you powergame by ability, and sometimes you powergame by cost. Edsall is a cost ship. Powergaming Grade: B-

Plastic Figure Notes:

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