USS Enterprise

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 25/64


USS Enterprise was commissioned in 1938 at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, VA. It was also of the Yorktown class, sister to the USS Yorktown and USS Hornet. During her career, she became the most decorated ship in US history. She was the first US carrier to earn the Presidential Unit Citation (highest honor in the Navy for a unit) and the Navy Unit Citation, the only ship to earn both of these honors. Additionally, she earned 20 Battle Stars and participated in all but one of the major carrier actions in the Pacific (Only missing Coral Sea having been sent to cover her sister Hornet on the Doolittle Raid).

In 1945 James Forrestal said of Enterprise that she was the "one vessel that most nearly symbolizes the history of the Navy in this war." It is unfortunate, but her fate was to be sent to the scrap heap in 1958-1960 and she is no more.


This is probably the staple US carrier from a battle stand point. Well equipped with aircraft, great special abilities, AA defense, and flag option. The only major drawback is a little high on the cost, and weak surface values (essentially she becomes an giant destroyer in terms of firepower). Overall, she is a solid unit and should be used by the Americans.

Expert bomber 2 + Helldiver = battleship type damage anywhere on the map :)

Plastic Figure Notes:


A very nice sculpt, with planking on the deck and a detailed island structure.

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