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Guadalcanal was built using a converted Maritime Commission freighter hull by Kaiser Shipyards in Vancouver, Washington. Originally Astrolabe Bay (AVG-60), she was reclassified ACV-60 on 20 August 1942 and launched as Guadalcanal (ACV-60) on 5 June 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Alvin I. Malstrom. She was reclassified CVE-60 on 15 July 1943; and commissioned at Astoria, Oregon on 25 September 1943, Captain Daniel V. Gallery in command. After shakedown training in which Capt. Gallery made the first take off and landing aboard his new ship, Guadalcanal performed pilot qualifications out of San Diego, California, and then departed on 15 November 1943, via the Panama Canal, for Norfolk, Virginia, arriving on 3 December. There she became flagship of Task Group 22.3 (TG 22.3), and with her escort destroyers set out from Norfolk on 5 January 1944 in search of enemy submarines in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Retains the Fighter Cover from the Fencer. This is not exactly the most exciting ability out there, but as the Fencer had gotten overpriced with the release of more recent sets, the Guadalcanal comes down by a point to 13. Additionally, the Guadalcanal picks up a flag bonus and is designed to coordinate with your destroyers. Speed-1 shouldn’t be a problem since you really should be using this ship as a bank-rank carrier, and especially if you’re sending destroyers forward at enemy subs and the objectives, you don’t have any pressing need to bring it forward. Fighter Cover can help you shield your own destroyers from enemy fighters, which makes Guadalcanal most interesting in a low point swarm style game. While the lack of Expert ASW is lamentable, the Avenger already has an excellent score and can function satisfactorily without it. The good news is that the St.Lo can still be included in the same fleet if you want to bring the Expert ASW bonus. This does make Guadalcanal somewhat difficult to use in a competitive game. Ideally you’d want to bring a bunch of destroyers with it. 100 points might be best. Powergaming Grade: C+

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