USS Hoel

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 24/60


The USS Hoel was a Fletcher class destroyer in the US Navy. The Hoel had quite a career in the Pacific, screening escort carriers. Her most epic action was the Battle off Samar. Caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of the superior Japanese Center Force, Hoel and her fellow DDs covered the jeep carriers' escape by creating smoke screens. Following the actions of the destroyer USS Johnston (which left the formation and rushed the enemy without orders) , Hoel charged towards the battleship Kongo. A salvo from the Japanese BB struck, knocking out her radio communications, but Hoel pressed on ,launching torpedoes, which missed. However, the torpedoes still threw Kongo off course. More hits soon followed, reducing operational control. Despite this, Hoel was able to fire off a half salvo of torpedoes which hit the cruiser Haguro but did no confirmable damage. More hits fell upon the now crippled destroyer. Finally, the bold DD succumbed to the damage and sank.


Hoel is probably one of the most reliable destroyers in the game. She has excellent survivability with smokescreen, armor three, and chase the salvos. Rapid fire is also an advantage if you attack anything smaller than a Battleship.

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