USS Intrepid

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 14/40


The USS Intrepid or CV-11 was an Essex-class carrier during WWII. It served from the Marshal Islands till the end of the Vietnam War and is now a museum ship in New York.


Intrepid (along with her sister Essex) is the only carrier with cap four, and the only allied ship with airfield strike. However, her lack of expert abilities makes her at an even point with other American carriers.

One of the only cap four carriers in W@S, but if given a choice between this unit and the USS Essex, take the Essex. For 2 points more you get +1 flag bonus, Replenish Aircraft SA and a better Expert bonus (Expert Bomber 2). The only times the Intrepid should go if you also have the Essex is if you somehow can't scrounge up 2 points or if you're using a torpedo bomber air force.

Plastic Figure Notes:


A very nice sculpt, detail is everywhere on this ship.

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