USS John C Butler

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 25/60



John C. Butler is a decent defensive ship, Anti-air specialist isn't that useful with only 5 AA dice, but the smoke screen can be useful at some points, but if your looking for a six point filler, Id take a PT or a Sammy B.

If I'm trying to bring an air build at 100 points (which is a difficult thing to do), this ship is one I always use. It so hard to fit in enough airpower in such a small build that every point seems to matter. In that context, I happily downgrade an Atlanta to a John C Butler. The anti-air specialist gives you a little extra carrier protection, and the ability to lay smoke is perfect for screening your carrier (and is a great SA on a ship that won't be at the front lines, where it will face the choice of shooting or laying smoke; in the back with your carrier, you can have a constant smoke screen). While far from the perfect carrier escort, you can't excel at everything in a 100 point build…and in my experience the John C Butler is a cheap and effective compromise.

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