USS Johnston (DD-557)

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Infamy - N/A- 30/72



A great little tin can, this Destroyer is not at all an escort unit, and is all of a striker. She is great at capturing objectives, able to get a boost at the start, and allows for an extra to tag along. She can hit hard her on her first shots, and keep up gunnery while crippled. Like any Fletcher, she is adequately equipped to fend of attacking enemy aircraft, and to go after Destroyers, though she should not be used for that. She is durable, so she can survive the secondaries of most BBs. She is defiantly meant to hit units bigger than her, so try not to waste that opening salvo on a enemy destroyer, unless you have no choice.
If one word describes this unit, it is swarm-tastic. Establish Screen and Opening Salvo are a deadly combination. Throw a few of this unit ahead with some smokers, and you have a very solid foundation for a swarm. For 9 points this unit is border line power a steal. A

Plastic Figure Notes:

Use any Fletcher class as proxy : USS Fletcher, USS Hoel, USS Kidd

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