USS Laffey

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 26/60


As very solid Destroyer it is a very tough nut to crack. It is an Allen M Sumner class destroyer and it is a very decent destroyer. During the last battle of the war, Okinawa, this little hero took 3 kamikaze hits and two bomb hits and survived till the end of the war.


Laffey is a destroyer to use in a group with Kidds to keep away strafers. Uniquely tough doesn't come much because most players wont bomb a destroyer. My opinion is that Hoel is better, but in a air-heavy build, Laffey has her uses.

The Laffey. The gunned-up, impossible to kill, little destroyer. Just looking at the stats, it is an above average destroyer. Decent main guns, outstanding AA (the only destroyer with range-1 AA) very good ASW, decent torpedoes, and average armor make this a very above average destroyer, looking at the stats alone. The SA's is where the unit is very powerful. Radar Picket is a very helpful SA in air heavy builds, as is Uniquely Tough. Not only does the destroyer have the ability to shoot AA at range one, but it can't be destroyed by bomb attacks. However, if your enemy is getting to the point that he is attacking destroyers with dive bombers, you don't have much hope. Overall, I think that the Laffey is a good little destroyer that is oft overlooked in fleet building, and that it has it's uses.

Big Red One
One thing the other reviews have overlooked is that the other player won't see it as bombing a destroyer - they will see it as knocking out that pesky Radar Picket that allows the negation of aircraft placement, by putting a fighter for every Laffey in a corner of the board with no targets, and then vectoring them in on aircraft swarms.

BRO's statement is interesting, but the Radar Picket ability can only be used once per unit, and is used at the end of the Air Mission Phase… Moving a fighter once could be impactful, but it’s not a huge deal. I’d usually still prefer to unleash my aircraft on their carriers, battleships and cruisers before I’m targeting this destroyer, even with that ability.

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