USS Lexington

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Condition Zebra - Rare - 19/40


USS Lexington (CV-2) was the United States' first fleet carrier, built using experience from the USS Langley conversion. Lexington and her sister, USS Saratoga were built from Battlecruiser hulls, thus giving them a great deal of space for aircraft. At first, Lexington and Saratoga were fitted with four eight inch guns, in four dual turrets on the front and back of the island. However, trials found the large guns could damage the deck upon firing, so in early action of WWII, the guns were removed, and quad 1.1 anti-air guns ("Chicago Pianos" as they became known) were installed. Having missed the Pearl Harbor attack by being elsewhere, she went along with Saratoga, and the other carriers and took the fight to the Japanese. Eventually, Lexington and USS Yorktown would be pitted in the very first carrier battle of the war, against Japanese flattops Shokaku, Zuikaku and Shoho. This battle came to be known in history as the Battle of the Coral Sea. Warplanes from Lexington and Yorktown found the Shoho, and promptly sunk it, claiming the first Japanese aircraft carrier sunk. They also damaged the Shokaku. In return, the Japanese attacked, reducing Lexington to a sinking condition and severely damaging Yorktown. Lexington was further doomed by a gigantic gas explosion, forcing her crew to abandon ship and escorting destroyers to scuttle her to prevent capture. Her loss reduced American carrier strength in the Pacific considerably.


Ironically for a ship sunk so early in the war, in WAS the Lexington is distinguished primarily by her durability. Five hull points is the most any carrier in the game has, and no other hull 5 carrier also has the Torpedo Defense SA. The battlecruiser heritage of the Lexington's hull is visible in the ship's armor/vital ratings which are a point higher than most other large carriers. The area where this ship lacks is in offensive Expert abilities; Lexington delivers a one point bump to just fighters and bombers. In larger games when you want to make aircraft your primary offensive weapon the US has better choices for carriers: Enterprise for bombs, or Saratoga for torpedoes. If you're taking lots of aircraft you probably also have enough fighters to protect yourself, rendering Lexington's high defensive values a bit moot. I think Lexington is a better choice for a singleton carrier in lower point games where each ship needs to provide for it's own defense and carriers might be called upon to challenge enemy ships for an objective.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
I've been waiting for this ship. My granddad was on her and he has always been my personal hero having this ship is personally great. That being said, how the hell is anyone supposed to sink it? Armor 5, Vital 12, Hull 5, TD, and AA7, the best way to kill US super planes is to (Try to) take out the carriers under them but good luck trying that with this ship. 6.5/10

This is a rather tough carrier. As an Axis player, it's one that I hate to see… Japan's torpedo bombers aren't going to work too well, so your best hope is to take a boosted Val or, ideally, Judy and hope for a good roll… It isn't too unlikely to reach 12, but still, I'd generally prefer to use my Kates and Jills for carrier hunting. That is not as much of an option here.

It basically allows you to take three squadrons and place them on a very durable platform. A very solid unit overall.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Reprint of Saratoga, the guns have been replaced with the proper quad AA guns. Aside from that, very similar to Sara.

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