USS Massachusetts

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 27/60



I've found that Massachusetts's extra armor is a better advantage than Washington's Flag 1.

Personally, I believe that the Massachusetts the best pound-for-pound battleship in the game. She has everything that makes a battleship a battleship (ER4 and TD), and she lacks the frills such as flagship in trade for her armor and vital. Her armor is just as much as an Iowa or Missouri, though her vital is lower. Her hull of 5 means she'll be able to slug it out with other battleships. If you're making a large pt battleship fleet, and already have a battleship with a flagship rating, take the Massachusetts. If you're gonna fight a Massachusetts, bring in a Yamato or Musashi

There's no frills or extras with Massachusetts: only imposing base stats at a very competitive price. Armor is first-rate, AA is great, and the main guns are the best there is on a 5-hull ship.

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