USS Missouri

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 28/60



Missouri isn't one of the units you would bring in a 200 or less, she has the guns of Iowa but in my experience the heavy antiair isn't worth the five extra points, so if you can take Iowa, I recommend that over Missouri.

Up until Condition Zebra, Missouri was considered by many including myself to be needlessly overpriced in comparison to her sister Iowa. Would you rather spend that five points maybe upgrading some destroyers and aircraft or for a range-1 AA shot you may only use once or twice, if at all? But now, with the addition of Chikuma, the Mighty Mo is making a comeback. With the use of the aforementioned Chikuma and the use of an Emily, Jills can make ridiculous 3-dice torpedo attacks from one sector out, more than many other torpedo bombers can make while local. So given that threat, those points may be a wise investment to protect the most powerful ship in your fleet as well as any other ships adjacent to it. (edit: Just for clarity, a rules revision does not allow the Jill to use the Chikuma to boost torpedo attacks from one sector out.)

Plastic Figure Notes:


Best of the Iowas.

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