USS Montpelier

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Starter - Uncommon - 4/8




This is a great unit that, unlike other new starter units, fits well into the current units without tarnishing other similar pieces. The Montpelier gives a player a much needed range 1 anti-air for those pesky Kondors and Jills while preserving the stronger elements of the Cleveland.

If you think that your opponent will be fielding smoke units or won't have the range one air attacks, go with the Cleveland. But if you're putting out an all cruiser force (and you need the flag rating) or you think that you might need the range 1 anti-air (either to avoid the ranged air attacks, or to protect neighboring vessels), then the Montpelier is a great choice.

As with the Cleveland, your main competition will be German cruisers, that while harder hitting, will not be as able to take damage very well. Keep those IJN cruisers at range 4 and you'll do just fine vs all cruiser challengers.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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