USS Nevada

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Rare - 13/39



This is the American BB with the weakest main guns (only slightly higher than the Alaska, which may or may not count as a battleship depending on who you ask). Slow 2 can hurt sometimes, and "shore support" is well known as a worthless SA.

On the bright side, it is currently the cheapest US battleship—one point less than Tennessee, three points less than California, and two points less than Arizona. However, both the Tennessee and the California lack the long range secondaries of both the Arizona and the Nevada, and the Nevada has better AA than the Arizona. The Nevada will stack up well against lesser Japanese BBs like Fuso, Kongo, etc.

Though there are certainly stronger battleships available, this ship is definitely an option when you need to save points in small 100 point games.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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