Uss New Jersey

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
For 2 points more than Iowa, NJ gains the carrier-leader ability that grants extra initiative to a fleet. In large point games, this can give the USN a huge advantage in initiative. The only problem with the ability is that it is somewhat difficult to get a lot of carriers into lower point games unless you’re bringing cheap carriers like the Guadalcanal. Even then, Guadalcanal is not exactly the SA distribution you’d like to use in multiples. At 100 points, Iowa is clearly better since you won’t have the points to trigger this ability much at all. At 200 points, you might be able to trigger this ability, but might have trouble bringing a Flotilla leader and a bunch of destroyers also, and might be better off with San-Fran and the destroyers than attempting to trigger NJ’s ability. The most interesting thing about this BB is that it works extremely well with Order of Battle Houserules which require you to bring one Battleship for every 2 Fleet Carriers. If you play these rules, New Jersey should become a staple. Moreover, this is one SA among many in the set that seemed designed to encourage players to use a diverse fleet, and not merely load up with one type of unit. Having a BB or two along with a Carrier or two in higher point games can generate a decent amount of synergy and cooperationg that a group of BBs or a group of Carriers could not achieve by themselves. In any fleet, you always have to ask yourself how much initiative you need to be effective. Thus rather than taking a flotilla leader AND this ship for superb initiative, you might be better off with a more modest investment. An excellent addition to the game, but Iowa is almost always the best of the Iowas in most circumstances, thanks to its cheaper cost. Powergaming Grade: B+

Carrier Leader is hard to use in practice unless you're going at a 300+ point game.
But the ship itself is something to even it against the Yamato (despite -1 armor and vital armor -_-)

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