Uss Phoenix

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Following WW2, USS Phoenix was transferred to Argentina and renamed Almirante Belgrano. In 1982, during the Falklands (Maldives) war, the RN sub HMS Conqueror sank the Belgrano in an action whose legality (as far as a war action can be considered legal) is still hotly debated.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Sister to the Boise. For one point less, you gain Flag-1, Shore Support, and Tough Cruiser. Flag-1 and Shore Support are somewhat dubious. There are so many other flag options that flag-1 is not all that impressive. Still, it can be useful in 100 point contests when you need a cheap cruiser and do not already have a flag. I’ve never seen Shore support used in a regular game, and with Battery Silencer introduced in the last set, this seemed like a more obvious SA to include. Tough Cruiser is always an excellent defensive SA, as it keeps strafing fighters from handling a crippled cruiser and 5 armor is extremely tough for destroyers to hit with gunfire. A good way to compare Phoenix and Boise is to think of Boise as the offensive cruiser with rapid fire, and Phoenix as the defensive cruiser with Tough Cruiser. I don’t think Phoenix is going to change anyone’s taste for the Clevelands or Baltimores, and I’m not sure Phoenix is better or worse than the Boise. The most disappointing aspect of all is that I would have preferred a Helena and we likely won’t get one at all now. Still having a new gun-cruiser at a new price-point can potentially add some versatility to the US fleet options, and I’m sure it will be chosen at least some of the time. Powergaming Grade: C-

Plastic Figure Notes:

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