USS Princeton

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 28/64


USS Princeton was an Independence class light carrier. The Independences were the direct result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's personal order to augment American aircraft carrier strength in the Pacific. To save time and expense, several Cleveland class light cruisers were converted into light aircraft carriers. While this gave the Independence class CVLs enough speed to keep with the fleet, the cruiser hulls were limited in space, which cramped deck operations.

The Princeton was converted from the light cruiser Tallahasse, and began her wartime career in July of 1943. The light carrier assisted in the conflict from Bougainville up to Saipan and the Marianas.

Finally, during the climactic Battle of Leyte Gulf, while attacking Japanese airbases, she was found by enemy planes. The Princeton managed to throw off the attack until a single dive-bomber (Judy) found its target, dropping its bomb right between the elevators. The resulting explosion devastated the light carrier, and despite heroic attempts made by escorting ships to put out the flames, another explosion tore apart the ship. This final explosion also damaged the ships close by, heavily damaging the upper deck of another Cleveland class cruiser, USS Birmingham. (CL-62)


Princeton is probably the weakest carrier, but can fill a simple niche if you need a flattop to operate from. She only carries two aircraft, and has no surface attack value. However, she is the cheapest carrier and has some at least solid special abilities to make her attacking aircraft that much more lethal.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The Princeton's sculpt is pretty good, although some consider the St. Lo's sculpt to be superior. Only issue here is the antenna on the island has some "bendy" tendancies as is common for thin plastic parts.

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