USS Ranger (CV 4)

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First Strike - N/A- 32/72



The USS Ranger (CV-4) was the first American purpose-built aircraft carrier, as opposed to the conversion ships like the USS Langley , USS Saratoga and USS Lexington. The Ranger's design was seen as something of a black sheep compared to later American carriers, namely her limited design and weakness in armor. As a result of these weaknesses, she was the only US carrier to never engage the Japanese and to stay in the Atlantic, even during the great carrier shortage in 1942.

Her main action was the first Allied invasion of the war, Operation Torch. The Ranger's bomber wing helped to silence the French Battleship Jean Bart during the invasion of Vichy French-held Morocco.

Later in 1943, the Ranger joined the British Home Fleet and began anti-shipping operations against Germany. It was during this time that it was claimed by a U-boat captain that his boat has sunk the Ranger, only for the Americans to obviously deny it. The supposed "sunk" ship continued her duties until late 1943 when she was called back to the States for overhaul. No longer deemed combat worthy, she was refitted as a night operations training carrier. She helped train pilots in the daring art of carrier action in the darkness of night.

Finally, when WWII had come to a close, The Ranger was sold for scrap.


The Ranger presents a similar picture as the USS Wasp. With only a 2/8/3 armor line, she'll be easy prey for lurking dive bombers. However, if any nation can keep her alive, its the US with its formidable AA and fighters. Her capacity 3, Surprise Raid and Expert bomber are quite helpful as well. Sadly, her 5 AA won't be aborting much, so having local fighter cover is critical to the Ranger's survival.

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