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Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 31/64


The USS St. Lo was an Casablanca class escort aircraft carrier, serving the US navy in the Pacific in WWII. The St. Lo started life as the Chaplin Bay, prior to her service as a carrier. When the conversion to CVE was complete in 1943, its new name was Midway. However, a year later, the name was changed to St. Lo.

St. Lo was present at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, giving air cover to the American assault in October 1944. Her airmen were then thrown into the Battle off Samar, in which she and a few other CVEs of Taffy 3 and their escorts had to fight off the formidable Japanese Center Force, led by the imposing Japanese Battleship Yamato . After repeated assaults and many close calls, the Center Force had been driven off thanks to the heroic determination of the sailors and airmen of the "tin can" fleet.

In the aftermath, however, USS St. Lo was the target of the first coordinated Kamakaze attack of the war. Upon the impact, fires raged, and explosions tore the once proud ship apart. The ship then slipped beneath the waves.


SA: Expert ASW
Nice support carrier for the point cost and good for making ASW attacks.

This ship isn't the most useful, but she is best used in thee convoy scenario with Avengers. If you use it in a regular game, still pair it with an Avenger to keep those subs at bay.

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